The Quantity and Leukocytes Components as Biological Dosimeters on the Radiation Workers at Radiology Installation RSUP Sanglah Hospital Denpasar

N.N. Ratini , N. L.P. Trisnawati, G.N. Sutapa

N.N. Ratini
Physics Division, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia. Email: n_ratini@yahoo.com

N. L.P. Trisnawati
Physics Division, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia

G.N. Sutapa
Physics Division, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia
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Ratini, N., Trisnawati, N., Sutapa, G. 2018. The Quantity and Leukocytes Components as Biological Dosimeters on the Radiation Workers at Radiology Installation RSUP Sanglah Hospital Denpasar. Bali Medical Journal 7(3). DOI:10.15562/bmj.v7i3.1146

Abstract: Regularly, the radiation monitoring program is applied to all the  radiation workers using physical dosimeter, in the TLD form, badge films and others. The monitoring from the biological aspect is called biological dosimeter as an indicator of the organ damages that caused radiation exposure, especially on the radiation workers in the radiology installation RSUP Sanglah Hospital are not much studied.


Objective: This study aims are determining of the quantity and leukocytes components differences that caused environmental radiation exposure in direct contact radiation and direct non-contact radiation workers.


Data and method: The research data was obtained through the blood test at RSUP Sanglah Hospital Denpasar with diffraction count method. The extent of the leukocyte component is determined by the absolute count method. The population in this study were 70 people with the total sample were 35 direct radiation radiation workers (30 radiograper people, 5 medical physicists) and 35 direct non-contact radiation workers (12 nurses, 18 administrative personnel, 5 medical records) .


Results: Generally, the blood cell quantity values (hemoglobin-HGB, RBC-erythrocyte, leukocyte-WBC), as well as the percentage of WBC components (basifil-Baso, eosinophil-Eos, neotrifil-Neo, lymphocytes -Limfo and Monocyte-Mono) for radiation workers and non-radiation workers are in the normal range. However, in the normal range, radiation workers have a wider range than non-radiation workers, indicating that radiation workers have undergone a stochastic radiation effect. While the quantity of blood cells over the age range of radiation workers and non-radiation workers alike shows the stochastic effect tends to appear in the productive age of 31-40 years old. For the age of 21-30 years is still normal caused by a relatively new work mass. But at the age of 41-50 tends to approximate the deterministic effect, this can be understood because the mass of work that has been long enough.


Conclusions: For long time in the  radiation field area which increase the deterministic effect the cells of the human body response. Primarily, biological indicators of radiation as a dosimeter are used.





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