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Dental-related problems and oral manifestation of HIV/AIDS patients in Soetomo General Hospital Surabaya


Introduction: HIV infection and AIDS have a potential impact on future generations, especially in Indonesia, as a significant contributor to HIV transmission. HIV-infected and AIDS patients are easily contracting possible infections, mainly in the oral cavity, which are decreasing patient’s quality of life due to pain, discomfort, and appetite loss. They also subjected to oral health problems, such as dental caries and gingivitis. However, patients with HIV/AIDS tend to neglect their oral health, as they are more concerned with their systemic conditions. This study reports oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS patients and their dental-related problems to assess the need for holistic management.

Methods: Observational studies performed on stadium 4 AIDS patients admitted in the outpatient facility of the Intermediate Care Unit for Infectious Diseases in Soetomo Hospital Surabaya from 2011-2012. Eighty-seven patients participated in this study. Subjects were interviewed regarding previous dental check-ups and examined for oral diseases. Diagnosis of oral lesions and dental problems were made based on clinical appearance.

Results: Many cases of strongly-related lesions were observed, such as oral pseudomembranous candidiasis, atrophic glossitis, chronic hyperplastic candidiasis, oral hairy leukoplakia, linear gingival erythema, and also other less strongly-related lesions such as aphthous stomatitis, exfoliative cheilitis, and angular cheilitis. Dental problems were observed, including dental caries, chronic marginal gingivitis due to calculi deposit, residual roots, and impacted wisdom teeth. During the survey on previous dental check-ups, subjects revealed that most of the patients had never visited a dentist since they diagnosed with HIV (+), and other patients admitted that they choose to conceal their HIV status to the dentist.

Conclusion: Dentists must be well-equipped with comprehensive knowledge of HIV-related manifestations and dental treatment considerations to provide adequate dental and oral health management as a part of the holistic management of HIV/AIDS.


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