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Analysis of nerve growth factor serum levels in psoriasis vulgaris patients

  • Riana Novatina E. Pangaribuan ,
  • Imam B. Putra ,
  • Kristo A. Nababan ,


Background: Psoriasis is a complex chronic inflammatory skin disease with multifactorial mechanism affected by immunological, genetic, environmental and nervous system factors which its mechanism is still unknown. The involvement of nervous system in psoriasis is ruled by nerve growth factor (NGF). Increased levels of NGF serum are expected occurring in psoriasis vulgaris.

Aim: To determine the differences between NGF serum levels in psoriasis vulgaris patients and controls

Methods: This study is an analytic study with cross sectional design involving 30 psoriasis vulgaris patients and 30 healthy controls. Diagnosis of psoriasis vulgaris was made based on history and clinical examination; we conducted blood sampling and measurement of NGF serum level to the patients and controls. The differences between NGF serum levels in psoriasis vulgaris patients and controlled is analyzed by independent-t test. This research approved by the health research ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine of Sumatra Utara University/ H. Adam Malik  Medan General Hospital.

Results: In this study, we found the mean NGF serum level of female psoriasis vulgaris patients (810.30 ± 299.97 pg/ml)  was higher compared to male (806.70 ± 256.04 pg/ml).  The mean NGF serum of psoriasis vulgaris patients were highest on ages group 15 – 23 years (930.14 ± 69.03 pg/ml). The mean NGF serum level of psoriasis vulgaris without family history (875.38 ± 203.91 pg/ml) was higher compared to patient with a maternal history (600.87 ± 387.45 pg/ml) and paternal history (477.88 ± 406.97 pg/ml). The mean NGF serum level in the psoriasis vulgaris group (808.38 ± 272.48 pg/ml) was higher compared to the control group (524.92 ± 281.22 pg/ml) dengan with p=0.0001.

Conclusion: There were significant differences in NGF serum levels between psoriasis vulgaris patients and control.


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Novatina E. Pangaribuan, R., B. Putra, I., & A. Nababan, K. (2019). Analysis of nerve growth factor serum levels in psoriasis vulgaris patients. Bali Medical Journal, 8(2), 613–616.




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