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Analysis of the effect of knowledge, attitude, and skill related to the preparation of doctors in facing industrial revolution 4.0


Backgrounds: Human resource development in terms of the knowledge, attitude, and skills of a doctor is important in a digital era and to face the industrial revolution 4.0. This study aims to analyze the effect of knowledge, attitude, and skills on doctor behavior and the impact of doctor behavior on its readiness in facing the industrial revolution 4.0. 

Methods: This study uses descriptive-quantitative methods with regression analysis techniques.

Results: The results of the study based on Regression Weight (γ) show that knowledge has no significant negative effect on behavior; attitude does not have a significant positive impact on behavior; skill does not have a significant positive effect on behavior, and behavior significantly has a positive effect on the readiness of doctors. 

Conclusion: The results and discussion show that hospitals can use the structural equation model in analyzing knowledge, attitude, skill, and behavior problems to increase the doctor's readiness, and strengthening the doctor's behavior needs to develop doctors' attitudes and skills.


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Sudiwedani, A., & Darma, G. S. (2020). Analysis of the effect of knowledge, attitude, and skill related to the preparation of doctors in facing industrial revolution 4.0. Bali Medical Journal, 9(2), 524–530.




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