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Management of giant thyroglossal duct cyst in Dr. Moewardi Hospital Indonesia: A case report


Introduction: Thyroglossal duct cyst (TGDC) is a developmental abnormality in which the thyroglossal duct settles after the decline of the thyroid gland.A 57-year-old female patient presented with complaints of a lump in the middle of her neck that slowly enlarged. The lump was first realized around 10 years ago. When she swallowed, the lump also moved. The swelling was cystic, painless surrounded by healthy skin except for a small area that showed a sign of inflammation. The ultrasound and Magnetic resonance of the neck confirmed TGDC with a size of 120 x 100 x 50 mm. We performed a surgical excision on the cyst and the central part of the hyoid bone (sistrunk procedure) and sent the specimen for histopathological examination, to confirm the preoperative diagnosis. TGDC diagnosis and management are not related to age or size. Operative management standards are carried out with sistrunk procedures.

Case Description: The standard management of giant tyroglossal duct cyst is the sistrunk procedure with maximum result. The surgical procedure has been succesfully performed in this case.

Conclusion: The standard management of TGDC is the sistrunk procedure with maximum results. The surgical procedure has been successfully performed in this case. The standard diagnosis and management of TGDC are not related to the patient's age or cyst size.


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