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Neurological manifestation as an implication of COVID-19 pandemic at a hospital in Aceh, Indonesia

  • Syahrul Syahrul ,
  • Dessy Rahmawati Emril ,
  • Endang Mutiawati ,
  • Farida Farida ,
  • Imran Imran ,
  • Nasrul Musadir ,
  • Nova Dian Lestari ,
  • Nur Astini ,
  • Nurul Fajri ,
  • Ellya Nurfida ,
  • Rita Mulyana ,
  • Nona Suci Rahayu ,
  • Faza Nabila Syahrul ,


Introduction: Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) has quickly spread to more than 200 countries as a global health pandemic. The outbreak of the COVID-19 infection in Wuhan (China) has brought its clinicians to investigate different manifestations, including neurological presentations of this novel infection. As of 12 October 2020, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 is 1.08 million worldwide, with 11,935 cases in Indonesia and 209 cases in Aceh. This study aimed to determine the neurological manifestations in patients confirmed with COVID-19.

Methods: A Retrospective cross-sectional study design from neurology patients who diagnosed with COVID-19 and were hospitalized at the Dr. Zainoel Abidin Hospital from March to September 2020. COVID-19 diagnosis was confirmed with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swab test that met the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Results: We collected 36 cases, consisting of 19 males (53%) and 17 females (47%) with a mean age of> 60 years 47%. According to the comorbidities data, 53% of patients were smoking, 47% had hypertension, 8% had diabetes mellitus, 8% had a history of stroke, and 8% had malignancy. Neurological manifestations included limbs weakness and cranial nerve paresis (55%), decreased consciousness (39%), and headache (22%). At admission, several patients had stroke (47%), cephalgia (14%), metabolic encephalopathy (8%), and vertigo (5%). Finally, 16 patients died during the period of observation.

Conclusion: Patients with COVID-19 commonly have neurological manifestations such as limb weakness, cranial nerve paresis, decreased consciousness, headache, dizziness, olfactory disturbances, and seizures.


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