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Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate isolated from Kaempferia galanga L. rhizome reduces airway remodeling in asthmatic rat models

  • Ismiranti Andarini ,
  • Harsono Salimo ,
  • Bambang Purwanto ,
  • Setyo Sri Rahardjo ,
  • Brian Wasita ,
  • Vitri Widyaningsih ,


Background: Asthma causes changes in the airway structure called airway remodeling due to chronic inflammatory reactions. Transforming Growth Factor-? (TGF-?) is one of the inflammatory mediators which has a significant role in the remodeling and inflammatory process. One of the medicinal plants known to have anti-inflammatory potential is Kaempferia galanga L. This study aims to analyze the effect of ethyl p-methoxycinnamate isolated from Kaempferia galanga L. rhizome on the expression of TGF-? and fibrosis in the bronchial mucosa of asthmatic rat models.

Methods: We conducted an experimental laboratory study using the posttest only control group design. Thirty-six Wistar male white rats were allocated into six groups, NC (negative control), PC (positive control), T1 (treatment group), T2 (treatment group), T3 (treatment group), and T4 (treatment group) receiving 1% ovalbumin in alum (OVA); 1% OVA as well as 1 mg/kg steroid; 1% OVA, 1 mg/kg steroid, and 200 mg/kg ethyl p-methoxycinnamate isolated from Kaempferia galanga L. rhizome (KG-EPMC); 1% OVA, 1 mg/kg steroid, and 400 mg/kg KG-EPMC; 1% OVA and 200 mg/kg KG-EPMC; and 1% OVA as well as 400 mg/kg KG-EPMC, respectively. Data were analyzed with SPSS version 22.0 for Windows.

Results: The expressions of TGF-? and fibrosis were significantly lower in positive control as well as treatment groups than those of the negative control group (only receiving OVA) (p<0.05). There were no significant differences between positive control and treatment groups regarding TGF-? level and fibrosis (p>0.005).

Conclusion: Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate isolated from Kaempferia galanga L. rhizome exhibits antiasthma effect by reducing the expression of TGF-? and fibrosis in the bronchial mucosa of an asthmatic rat model. Hence, it can be a potential therapy for asthma.


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Andarini, I., Salimo, H., Purwanto, B., Rahardjo, S. S., Wasita, B., & Widyaningsih, V. (2021). Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate isolated from Kaempferia galanga L. rhizome reduces airway remodeling in asthmatic rat models. Bali Medical Journal, 10(3), 1006–1009.




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