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The effect of knowledge on attitude of pregnant women in prevention of worm infections

  • Sulastri Sulastri ,
  • Diah Ayu Agus Triana ,


Introduction: Helminthiasis is an endemic and chronic disease caused by parasitic worms with a high prevalence rate and is non-fatal, but it affects the health of the human body by reducing the absorption of nutrients and proteins in infected individuals and reducing blood levels in the human body so that if it occurs in pregnant women, it can affect pregnancy and childbirth. This study aimed to examine the influence of findings on attitudes of pregnant women towards the prevention of helminthiasis in the work area of the Gatak Health Center, Sukoharjo. 

Methods: This study used a descriptive observational research method with a cross-sectional approach with 144 samples taken with an all-sampling technique. 

Results: Statistical test shows that the value of p 0.000 is less than alpha 0.05, which means there is a relationship between the knowledge the Pregnant women and the attitude of pregnant women insist the mother in preventing the occurrence of worms. 

Conclusion: The pregnant woman's posture is classified as functional because it influences the mother in the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis and affects her state of health.


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