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Modifiable and non-modifiable factors on previous tuberculosis treatment as a predisposition of multi drug resistance tuberculosis (mdr-tb): scoping review


Introduction: The increasing number of patients with resistant tuberculosis requires attention and efforts for prevention. Resistance causes more expensive cost of treatment, longer duration of treatment, more severe side effects and decreasing the chance of recovery. The specific purpose of this literature review was to identify modifiable and nonmodifiable factors associated with previous treatment as predisposing factors for MDR-TB.

Method: This study applies scoping review method of JBI (Joanna briggs Institute) by using 5 databases: Scopus, Ebscohost, Proquest, Science direct and google scholar publication 2015-2021. keywords for MDR-TB search, predisposing factors, previously treatment and adult.

Results: Modifiable factors related to previous tuberculosis treatment include treatment failure or discontinuation, non-adherence, lack of supervision, unclear or inadequate instructions. Meanwhile modifiable factors are side effects and relapse.

Conclusion: The cause of MDR-TB which can be modified and cannot be modified is very important to know. The government as a policy maker can use the results of this research to strengthen tuberculosis control programs and prevention of resistant tuberculosis


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