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Overview of wound assay methods extract ethanol leaves soursop (annona muricata) on widr colon cancer cells

  • Yoni Astuti ,
  • Wahyu Joko Priambodo ,
  • Rahmah ,
  • Dara Ayu Septiyana ,


Introduction: Soursop leaves have various contents of alkaloid, flavonoid, and acetogenin compounds. Soursop ethanol extract leaves (Annona muricata) showed many beneficialsas antivirus, anti-hyperglycemic, anticancer, etc. As anticancer showed with cytotoxicity insome cancer cell line.But there was no research about wound assay in Widr colon cancercell line as a model of colon cancer diseases. This research carried out to explore theoverviewofwoundassaymethodofsoursopethanolextractleavesininhibitingmigrationofWiDrcoloncancercells.

Methods: The series of studies included extra ethanol cytotoxic tests of soursop leaves (Annona muricata L.) on WiDr colon cancer cells usingMTT to assess cell viability and antimigration testing using the scratch wound healingassay method to assess the presentation of closure of WiDr colon cancer cell migration.

Results: Cytotoxic test of soursop ethanol extract leaves (Annona muricata L.) on WiDr colon cancer cells obtained IC50 values of 905.77 µg/ml and the cell antimigration test at 24 hours obtained the greatest migration inhibition, namely soursop ethanol extract leaves (Annona muricata L.) at a dose of ½ IC50 or equal to 452.85 µg/ml.

Conclusions: Soursop ethanol extract leaves (Annona muricata L.) has an effect on inhibiting migration of WiDr colon cancer cells so that it can be used instead of chemotherapy which can prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


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Astuti, Y., Priambodo, W. J., Rahmah, & Septiyana, D. A. (2021). Overview of wound assay methods extract ethanol leaves soursop (annona muricata) on widr colon cancer cells. Bali Medical Journal, 10(3), 1385–1389.




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