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Analysis of RGB range value on fingernail image for detecting diabetes mellitus risk


Introduction: Fingernail has various colors related to the organ’s body condition, such as the pancreas, indicated by diabetes mellitus. The study aims to determine and compare the RGB range value on the fingernail image to detect diabetes mellitus risk in fasting and non-fasting conditions.

Methods: The study was a true experimental study using fasting and non-fasting respondents. Data were obtained by blood glucose level testing and fingernail image capturing. The result of blood glucose levels was classified into normal, prediabetes, or diabetes, and fingernail images were followed according to their categories. The histogram determined the RGB values of fingernail images, and calculated the maximum value of color intensity based on the height peak appeared. The distribution frequency of each group was used to get a range of RGB fingernail images in each category.

Results: Based on the results, it showed a comparison of RGB range value between fasting and non-fasting condition, including range value differences in red and blue, but any slightly overlapped in green range value. In a future study, we will use ordinal logistic regression to determine the prediction program of diabetes mellitus risk. Furthermore, we will develop a program by adding some features to improve the analysis system of the fingernail image for diabetes mellitus risk detection.

Conclusion: There was a comparison of RGB range value on fingernail image between fasting and non-fasting condition.


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