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The complexity of perioperative management of acute limb ischemia in elderly with multiple comorbidities and underlying diseases: A case report

  • Aditya Riadi Syafei ,
  • Jusri Ichwani ,
  • Novira Widajanti ,
  • Hadiq Firdausi ,


Background: Aging process commonly associated with multiple comorbidities such as metabolic disorders, vascular, visual, gait, balance and psycho-social problems. Atherosclerosis is one of comorbidities that could occur as a pre-existing condition in elderly with peripheral artery disease (PAD). Elderly patients associated with complex and multi-factorial medical conditions need to be addressed in a comprehensive approach. Here we report the complexity of perioperative management of an elderly with acute limb ischemia in elderly with multiple comorbidities and underlying diseases.

Case Presentation: An elderly woman, 77-year-old, was referred to emergency room due to decreased level of consciousness. There were complaints of loss appetite, inactivity, bedridden, pain, paresthesia and muscle weakness in the right lower limb. There was history of chronic hypertension and dyspepsia. Since there was a sign of right lower limb acute limb ischemia, the patient was discussed with the multi-discipline team, planned for primary amputation, and received systemic anticoagulant treatment. Due to multiple comorbidities and underlying diseases, the patient died prior to amputation surgery.

Conclusion: Surgery is not contraindication to elderly; however, from this case it shed light the needs of multi-discipline approach to decide the best treatment options for patient’s needs. Utilizing a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) could be an alternative to non-invasive, simple, and effective approach available in any healthcare setting.


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Aditya Riadi Syafei, Jusri Ichwani, Novira Widajanti, & Hadiq Firdausi. (2022). The complexity of perioperative management of acute limb ischemia in elderly with multiple comorbidities and underlying diseases: A case report. Bali Medical Journal, 11(2), 510–513.




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