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The importance of husband support for breastfeeding during pandemic COVID-19


Introduction: Unachieved exclusive breastfeeding is still a problem in Indonesia. During pandemic covid-19 situation, the condition required to keep the distance from other people resulting the limited access between breastfeeding mothers and midwives. The role of the closest person that is husband is needed to constantly provide support. The objective of this research is to determine the relationship between husband's support during the covid-19 pandemic with exclusive breastfeeding

Methods: The type of research used is an analytic survey with a cross sectional method. The total population are 51 people and the sample of 45 people is taken using purposive sampling technique. Collecting data using questionnaire sheets given to respondents. Data analysis using Chi Square test (X2).

Results: Based on analysis, we found that husband’s support has a significant association with the quality of exclusive breastfeeding with p=0.000.

Conclusion: The result of the research informed husbands who want to provide support in the form of effective communication between husband and wife during the breastfeeding process, able to help breastfeeding mothers to keep the spirit of breastfeeding, and will help provide breast milk as the best food for their babies. There is a significant relationship between husband's support in the success of exclusive breastfeeding during the covid-19 pandemic.


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Mega Silvian Natalia, Wahida Yuliana, & Bawon nulhakim. (2022). The importance of husband support for breastfeeding during pandemic COVID-19. Bali Medical Journal, 11(3), 1354–1356.




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