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Vertebral anomalies associated with anorectal malformations incidentally found on contrast studies: a case series

  • Felicia Nike ,
  • Pande Putu Yuli Anandasari ,


Background: Spinal congenital malformations are closely associated with other congenital anomalies, are usually asymptomatic and be found incidentally. Moreover, spine abnormalities such as hemivertebra may cause further complications if left untreated. Among patients with VACTERL anomalies, spine anomalies account for 60-95% of them. This report aimed to describe rare and interesting cases of spinal malformation in children to provide further information on the importance of a proper approach in such cases.

Case Presentation: We present three pediatric cases of vertebral anomalies associated with anorectal malformations incidentally found in contrast studies. All patients have a history of anorectal abnormalities at birth and are referred to the hospital for contrast studies. The first case found semi-segmented hemivertebra at T8-9 levels, cleft at T10 level and high-type anorectal malformations (ARMs). The second case showed unsegmented hemivertebra at the level of L1 and butterfly vertebra at T10, approximately at the same level as the skin lesion, with the possibility of occult spina bifida and high-type ARMs. The third case revealed bilateral vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), grade 1 right hydroureteronephrosis and left hydroureter, with semi-segmented hemivertebra at the level of L3, unsegmented hemivertebra at L4-5 and an extra lumbar vertebra, possibly a lumbosacral transitional vertebra (LSTV).

Conclusion: Thorough screening and other examinations such as contrast studies could reduce their morbidity as more sophisticated imaging may be done to better visualize the anatomical malformation.


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