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Number of e-cadherin and VEGF in WiDr cell line post-induced by extract ethanol Annona muricata leaf

  • Yoni Astuti ,
  • Agus Suharto ,
  • Sabtanti Harimurti ,
  • Helmi Hana Prinanda ,
  • Wahyu Joko Priambodo ,


Introduction: Soursop leaves have benefits including anticancer, antifungal, and antibacterial. Soursop   leaves are proven to contain various phytochemicals, namely alkaloids (ALKs), essential oils and acetogenins. Annonaceous acetogenins compounds soursop cytotoxic effect on cancer cells.  One of the reasons for the malignancy of cancer cells is their ability to move to other tissues. Migration ability was related with the expression of e-cadherin, in cancer cells the expression of e-cadherin was low. Malignancy is also related to the amount of VEGF, in the type of tumor VEGF expression increases. Therefore, the aim of this study was to measure the amount of e-cadherin and VEGF of the WiDr colon cancer cell model after being induced by soursop leaf  ethanol extract.

Methods: Ethanol extract of soursop leaves is obtained by maceration.   The measurement of the amount of e-cadherin used the elisa kit e-cadherin while the amount of    VEGF was used by the elisa kit VEGF. The amount of e-cadherin and VEGF measurement used was an elisa reader at a wavelength of 560 NM.

Results: The results showed there were significant differences between various doses of extract ethanol Annona muricata to the number of e-cadherin. There were significant differences between various doses of Extract ethanol Annona muricata to the number of VEGF.

Conclusions: Ethanol extract Annona muricata leaf showed the anti migration and anti angiogenesis effect on WiDr cell line.


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Yoni Astuti, Agus Suharto, Sabtanti Harimurti, Helmi Hana Prinanda, & Wahyu Joko Priambodo. (2023). Number of e-cadherin and VEGF in WiDr cell line post-induced by extract ethanol Annona muricata leaf. Bali Medical Journal, 12(1), 524–529.




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