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A rare case of multiple fibrolipoma of the face: a case report

  • Irmadita Citrashanty ,
  • Yoana Fransiska Wahyuning Christi ,
  • Bagus Haryo Kusumaputra ,
  • Maylita Sari ,
  • Muhammad Yulianto Listiawan ,


Background: The appearance of noticeable strands of developed fibrous tissue bridging the fatty lobules is a characteristic of fibrolipoma. Despite being general, clinicians should be aware of the different fibrolipoma imaging findings to identify the patients. This case study aims to evaluate the rare case of multiple fibrolipoma of the face.

Case Presentation: We presented a 69-years-old female with multiple fibrolipoma in the facial area. The presence of a fibrolipoma has been confirmed through laboratory and physical examination. Fibrolipomas that develop in the nasal area and obstruct the patient's airway is initially treated with cautery therapy.

Conclusion: The occurrence of multiple fibrolipomas in the facial area is a very rarely reported case. Treatment using cauterization is recommended in such cases. Results were satisfactory, without any post-operative issues or fibro lipoma recurrence.


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Irmadita Citrashanty, Yoana Fransiska Wahyuning Christi, Bagus Haryo Kusumaputra, Maylita Sari, & Muhammad Yulianto Listiawan. (2022). A rare case of multiple fibrolipoma of the face: a case report. Bali Medical Journal, 12(1), 150–152.




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