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Diagnosis challenges of a patient with peritoneal tuberculosis masquerading as ovarian malignancy: a case report

  • Anggoro Satrio Bimantoro ,
  • Ummi Maimunah ,


Background: Peritoneal tuberculosis (PTB) could mimic advanced ovarian cancer cases, making its diagnosis challenging. Comprehensive and conscientious examinations for diagnosis are needed to differentiate such cases to avoid inappropriate treatment. We report a problematic diagnosis of PTB that mimic ovarian malignancy.

Case Presentation: A 20-year-old female patient with history of multiple rehospitalizations, presented with complaints of abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, low-grade fever, and weight loss in the last five months. In the first admission, patient was suspected with malignant ovarian cyst due to clinical features of malignancy with normal chest X-ray, abdominal USG suggested ovarian cyst in both ovaries, high levels of Ca125. However abdominal CT-scan showed thickening in peritoneum which suggested PTB. The patient was planned for urgent laparotomy while waiting for GenExpert result. On the second admission, patient presented with recurrent abdominal pain, GenExpert sputum and stool showed negative result, and planned for surgery but the patient refused. On the last admission, patient diagnosed with impending bowel obstruction and underwent abdominal CT-scan with contrast showed diffuse multiloculated cystic lesion in cavum pelvic and multiple prominent mesenteric lymph nodes that suggested abdominal TB with abscess in cavum pelvic. Exploratory laparotomy revealed conglomeration, pus and tubercles in the peritoneum. A TB was confirmed based on pathology and microbiology examination from tissue biopsy and pus.

Conclusion: We reported patients with PTB with unspecific clinical symptoms which suspected as ovarian malignancy. This study highlights the challenges in diagnosing PTB and therefore PTB could be considered a differential diagnosis in patients suspected of ovarian malignancy in the TB endemic countries.


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