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Giant cell tumor of the thoracal spine treated with decompression and posterior stabilization: a case report


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Background: Giant cell tumors (GCT) are benign tumors that can also develop in the bone. GCTs commonly affect women aged 30-40 years. The spine is a rare site of GCTs, which accounts for 1.4-9.4% of primary spine tumors. Therefore, we aimed to present a case of spinal GCT in a young male adult, which we considered unique due to the unusual age and localization.

Case presentation: We reported an 18-year-old male admitted to Hasanuddin University General Hospital with complaints of paralysis in both lower limbs, lower back pain, loss of sensation in defecation, difficulty in urinating, and tenderness at the T12 level. There was a wound on the sacral region. The mass and osteolytic lesion in the T12 seen on CT scan and MRI, respectively, followed by a biopsy, confirmed the spinal GCT.

Conclusion: The management of spinal GCT requires precise and multidisciplinary treatment planning with a case-by-case approach in order to achieve total or partial tumor resection, neural decompression, and stabilization of the spine.


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