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Effect of essential oil Citrus aurantium l var amara on menopause syndrome


Introduction: Many therapies that have been done to overcome the problem of menopausal syndrome have been carried out using hormonal therapy or using drugs, but complementary therapies have not been carried out in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to analyze the use of citrus aurantium l var amara to overcome the problem of menopausal syndrome.

Method: The data used in this study were data on menopausal syndrome experienced by respondents without giving therapy and after giving complementary therapy, as well as factors of occupation, age, and history of contraception of 42 respondents who had menopause. Data analysis was done by comparing the two groups of intervention (women who had been given the complementary therapy of aurantium l var amara) and control group (women who had not received the complementary treatment).

Results: Women in control group experienced no difference in terms of their menopause complaints (p = 0.206), while women in the intervention group showed improvement of their complaints after routine administration of aurantium l var amara therapy for 5 days (p=0.032).

Conclusion: Research conducted to analyze the use of citrus aurantium l var amara to treat menopausal syndrome problems proves that aurantium l var amara is effective in dealing with menopausal syndrome problems.


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