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Unsolved mystery, the etiology of acute pancreatitis after liver resection: a case report and literature review

  • Mochamad Syahroni Fardiansyah ,
  • Denny Septarendra ,
  • Rena Normasari ,


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After liver resection, pancreatitis is a well-known yet uncommon consequence. The actual cause is unclear, and the postoperative condition may mask the clinical symptoms. When a patient unexpectedly worsens after surgery, postoperative pancreatitis should always be taken into consideration due to its high fatality risk. After liver resection, we present our patient with acute pancreatitis. The paper was written using certain hypotheses. First, the surgeon should be aware of the possibility of pancreatitis following liver surgery, which is not included in the literature as a side effect of liver surgery. The second step is to increase our knowledge and develop measures to reduce the risk of acute pancreatitis following liver surgery.

Case Description: We present here a case of acute pancreatitis following liver resection surgery from our institution, and we strongly suspect that the results of our postoperative white bile leak test contributed to this. According to the literature analysis, this test is risk-free and won't have a materially detrimental impact on the patient. Keep in mind the white test rule, which suggested things like focus and spooling following the test.

Conclusion: The white test is effective for identifying bile leakage following liver resection, however, we do not advise frequent use of this test since there is a chance that it can trigger acute pancreatitis, which can have a substantial negative impact on the patient's morbidity or death. The precise process is still a mystery and will require further experimental research.


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