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The relationship between characteristics and prognostic index of follicular thyroid nodule

  • Agung Permana ,
  • Marjono Dwi Wibowo ,
  • Dwi Hari Susilo ,


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Introduction: Determining the risk of recurrence and categorizing patients according to their risk groups is a milestone in managing thyroid nodules. The AMES score is a good prognostic index widely used because it is easy for clinicians to remember. Risk groups for thyroid nodules, according to ATA guidelines for nodule characteristics, are closely related to patient prognosis. The specific use of the AMES score to determine suitability for risk groups and prognostic survival rates has not been widely studied. This study aims to find the relationship between the ATA risk stratification of follicular thyroid nodule characteristics and the AMES prognostic index score and prognostic survival rates in follicular thyroid nodules.

Methods: This study is a retrospective cohort using patient medical record data at Dr. Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya, during the 5-year research period (2013-2017), followed by 5-year monitoring to determine overall survival and disease-free survival.

Results: AMES scores have a strong relationship with ATA classification ultrasound results. A high-risk AMES score in follicular-type thyroid nodules has a 64x probability of being in the ATA high suspicion category. Overall survival and disease-free survival were higher for lower AMES scores and ATA classifications.

Conclusion: The AMES score can be used to predict prognosis and estimate classification ultrasound results in cases of follicular thyroid nodules.


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Permana, A., Wibowo, M. D. ., & Susilo, D. H. . (2023). The relationship between characteristics and prognostic index of follicular thyroid nodule. Bali Medical Journal, 13(1), 185–190.




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