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The comparative study of pre and post-surgical experience, self-esteem, self-confidence, body image, in patients undergoing blepharoplasty surgery


Introduction: Cosmetic surgery is one of the human’s latest achievements for creating beauty; blepharoplasty surgery is one of its kinds. Psychological issues such as self-esteem, self-confidence, body image are closely related to blepharoplasty surgery. The present study aimed at studying the above-mentioned psychological issues both before and after the surgery as well as comparing real expectations and experiences of some post-surgical complications.

Materials and Methods: In a quasi-experimental study, 60 participants were selected using purposive sampling. The data collection tool of the present study was five questionnaires including demographic questionnaire, Rosenberg self-esteem scale, self-confidence questionnaire, body image questionnaire, and experiences of post-surgical complications questionnaire. The data was classified both qualitatively and quantitatively. The data were analyzed using SPSS 22.

Findings: The findings indicated that blepharoplasty surgery did not result in post-surgical self-esteem (p=0.312) and self-confidence (p=0.251). However, the patients’ post-surgical body image increased (p=0.001). There was a positive correlation between pre and post-surgical self-esteem, self-confidence, and body image (0/4> r >0/5). Given the post-surgical complications such as pain, bruising, swelling, blurred vision, itching, inability to perform daily activities, and number of painkillers taken (p=0.05), the patients’ real experiences were by far less than their speculations. 


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