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Diagnostics of erythrocytes' early microrheological abnormalities in rats with experimentally developed obesity


Background: Difficulties of the earliest stages' detection of erythrocytes' microrheological abnormalities' development at obesity are connected with falling out of clinicians' field of view of persons with first signs of this pathology. It dictates the necessity of experimental investigations' fulfillment on laboratory animals with just developed obesity in them.

Methods: 91 of healthy male-rats of Vistar line at the age of 2.5-3 months were taken into an investigation. 29 animals of them had experienced no impacts and composed the control group. In 62 rats after their putting into small cages (one specimen - in a cage) during 30 days there was developed OB as the result of giving them of high-caloric diet from combined feed (47%), sweet condensed milk (44%), vegetable oil (8%) and vegetable starch (1%). There were used biochemical, hematological and statistical methods of investigation. During obesity development lipids' peroxidation activated in rats' erythrocytes because of activity weakening of their antioxidant protection.

Results: At obesity development in rats, there was found reliable decrease of erythrocytes-discocytes quantity in blood. It was accompanied by the increase of reversibly and irreversibly changed erythrocytes' quantity in examined animals' blood. At obesity development in rats, there was found the quick rise of erythrocytes' sum in aggregate and these aggregates' quantity at lowering of free erythrocytes' number.

Conclusion: During experimental obesity modeling we noticed very early in rats' blood decrease of erythrocytes-discocytes' quantity, the level rise of their reversibly and irreversibly varieties with the strengthening of their aggregative ability. It takes place in the background of a weakening of erythrocytes' antioxidant protection and activation of lipids' peroxidation in them. 

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