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Burkitt lymphoma in a child: a case report


Background: The diagnosis of Burkitt Lymphoma is made based on a medical history, physical examination, complete blood count (CBC), blood smear and bone marrow examination. Many other diseases with similar symptoms must be excluded. Typically, the higher white blood cell count, the worse prognosis. A bone marrow aspiration provides conclusive proof of the cases. Blast cells were seen on blood smear in the majority of the cases. Case Presentation: A six-year-old male was admitted to Sanglah General Hospital with vomiting for few days and found hepatomegaly. After several days of being treated, patients showed deterioration with decreased awareness and convulsions. Burkitt Lymphoma enforced by peripheral blood smear and bone marrow examination. Bone Marrow smear showed lymphoblastic infiltrations about 20% lymphoblasts with heterogeneous morphology. Moreover, there were some lymphoblasts with many vacuoles on the cytoplasm, and from all of the features, it concluded as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (L3) or Burkitt type.The disease had metastasized to the kidney and central nervous system (CNS) showing a decrease in consciousness and the presence of convulsions. Conclusion:The patient may have a CNS leukemia leading to a bad prognosis.


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