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Profile of sinonasal malignant tumor patients in Adam Malik General Hospital Medan-Indonesia

  • Fiza Fadly ,
  • Farhat Farhat ,
  • Rizalina Arwinati Asnir ,


Introduction: Malignancy of nose and paranasal sinuses (sinonasal) is 3% of head and neck malignancies, in which etiology is not known, and the prognosis is poor. Methods: This study is a descriptive case series. Samples were taken by purposive sampling method, in which all of the sinonasal malignant tumor patients (inpatient and outpatient) in Otolaryngology Department of Adam Malik General Hospital in 2010 – 2015 were recruited. Results: Nose blockage was the most common symptom (53.6%). The symptoms existed for less than six months (50.9%). Most of the tumor was located in maxillary sinus (70.5%) and was an epithelial tumor (94.6), particularly non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma type (47.3%). Most of the tumor graded as T4 (34.8), and most of the lymph nodes involved graded as N0 (83.9%). Tumors treated with surgery mostly by medial maxillectomy method (41.4%). Conclusions: Sinonasal malignant tumor patients in Adam Malik General Hospital, Medan, were mostly had nasal blockage symptom for less than six months. They mostly had maxillary sinus in origin, was an epithelial tumor with non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma type, T4 of tumor size, N0 of nodal involvement, and had a medial maxillectomy method in their surgeries.

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Fadly, F., Farhat, F., & Asnir, R. A. (2018). Profile of sinonasal malignant tumor patients in Adam Malik General Hospital Medan-Indonesia. Bali Medical Journal, 7(1), 137–140.




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