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Restoration of erythrocyte microrheological peculiarities in 5-6-year-old children with scoliosis after daily usage of medioprophylactic clothes for six months



Efficient correction methods should be applied early at the detection of scoliosis. One of them is medioprophylactic clothes. However, the effect of medioprophylactic clothes towards the dynamics of erythrocyte microrheological features in children with scoliosis has not been fully studied.


In this study, we tracked indices changes of erythrocyte cytoarchitecture and aggregation in thirty-nine 5-6-year-old children with grade I-II scoliosis who wore medioprophylactic clothes (designed by one of the authors) daily for 6 months. Thirty-four healthy subjects were enrolled for the control group. The measurement was conducted at the beginning of the research and after 3 and 6 months of intervention.


At their initial state of the observation, the experimental group had worse erythrocyte microrheological features because of physical development inhibition. Daily usage of medioprophylactic clothes for six months reduced the evidence of spinal curvature, increased force, and tolerance of body muscles, lowered reversible and irreversible modified erythrocyte, and weakened spontaneous erythrocyte aggregation.


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